Grand Health Challenge 2024

Back again this year, new and improved, The Grand Health Challenge sponsored by Grand Lake Health Systems is a program for those looking to make a healthy lifestyle change!

Just like last year, The Grand Health Challenge is coming to you as a 10-month program (Jan-October). We strive for you to want to be able to get healthy and maintain that lifestyle – allowing the challenge to end before the Holiday season!

Challenge your teammates, friends, coworkers, yourself and your family while discovering that you can achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle if you really put your mind to it!

The 2024 Grand Health Challenge begins in January 2024 and ends in October 2024. The choice is yours to make the change – we hope to encourage participants to join and adapt to a healthier lifestyle!


  • New in 2024, participants may register as an Individual or sign up with a team (max of 5 participants per team). You choose the team name and will be known as that name throughout the challenge.
  • Each participant will weigh-in for a starting weight at a designated weigh-in location during the designated times between January 9th – 11th time frame!

• There will be 3 IN PERSON MANDATORY weigh ins: January, May & September

• The remaining months: Feb, March, April, June, July & August MUST BE self-reported from home and report the results back either by text, email or phone call. Weights may also be obtained at a location that offers weigh-ins during their operating hours (see weigh-in sheet for details)!

  • Children under 18 may participate but only with a signed consent from parent or legal guardian & must participate on the same team as the parent or legal guardian. If a child is under the age of 8, they may be weighed by the parents request (no BMI will be measured) and their results will not count in the challenge.
  • Each team member agrees to weigh-in once a month and report their weights accurately during the times provided by Grand Lake Health System. These weights will be recorded on a master list by the hospital staff.


$1,000 - 1st place team
$500 - 2nd place team
$300 - 1st place female
$300 - 1st place male
$200 - 2nd place female
$200 - 2nd place male
$500 – Participation Award Drawing – weigh in every month & attend the mandatory motivational/education meetings to be entered to win!!


**Door Prize – offered at each monthly meeting!



The cost is only $10 per participant to join! For a printable PDF download of program information, monthly meeting schedule, monthly weigh-in schedule & registration form, click here>>.

Initial weigh-ins start the 2nd week of January 2024! To learn more about the Grand Health Challenge please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at 419-394-6132.

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