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What is FollowMyHealth Patient Portal?

FollowMyHealth is a patient portal, made available by Grand Lake Health System to provide a convenient and secure way to manage your personal health record from any computer, tablet or smartphone. FollowMyHealth gives our patients access to medical information on you, your child, or adult family member. This tool is available for both physician practice and hospital patients and some of the features include:

  • View the health summary
  • Download your health record
  • Request medical appointments with your care team
  • Communicate electronically and securely with your medical care team
  • View test results
  • View medications on file
  • Prescription renewals - make a request in your FollowMyHealth account under:
    • My Health > Medications
  • View allergies and immunizations on file
  • View details about past appointments and hospital admissions
  • Receive email and/or text reminders of up-coming appointments

This informative video gives you an overview of what the FollowMyHealth Patient Portal is, and how you can view your health information.

DO NOT use FollowMyHealth for medical emergencies. If you feel you have a medical emergency, please seek care immediately or call 911 as appropriate.

How do I sign up for FollowMyHealth?

  1. Provide an email at any of the Grand Lake Physician Practices or at the time of hospital registration.
  2. Patients can also complete the Patient Portal Account Access Form if an email is not initially available.
  3. If you are requesting access for a child, family member, or partner the Patient Portal Access Form will need to be completed and returned to a Grand Lake Physician Practice or the Medical Records Department.

Who can have access to FollowMyHealth?

  • If you are a patient and over 14 years old, you may request an activation code for yourself.
  • Minor patients older than age 14 and adult patients can grant proxy access to another individual. Patients can request the Patient Portal Account Access Form to grant this access.
  • Parents or guardians of the minor child (under 14 years of age) have full access to the minor’s information until the minor is the age of 14. After age 14, parents have limited access (Per Ohio Revised Code). At age 18 the proxy access is automatically terminated.
  • Parents can access the medical records of all family members seen at Grand Lake Health System from one "proxy" account.

Setting up Proxy Access for children, spouses, other adults.

FollowMyHealth® does allow you to set up an account for healthcare dependents, known as a proxy account. A proxy account allows you to view the healthcare dependent’s information available in FollowMyHealth®.

Examples of a proxy account include:

  • Adult Family Member/partner
  • Minor child – Ages 0-13 (Existing proxy access of a minor child stops at age 14, and proxy access must be resubmitted to the health information management department.)

If you would like to request or grant proxy access, please complete the Patient Portal Access Form and return it to the health information management department at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital or a Grand Lake Physician Practice. Contact information for the health information management departments are included on the form.

The patient can also grant proxy access to an individual through their patient portal. View this interactive video for how to add an authorized Proxy individual to your account.

Interactive videos on how to enhance your FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

Selecting your Notification Preferences.

How to refill a prescription.

How to send a secure message to your provider.

How to find FollowMyHealth FAQs.

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