Your Rights As A Patient

In order to ensure compassionate and quality patient care, Joint Township District Memorial Hospital supports and recognizes our patient rights and respects their right to treatment and care. We are committed to treat our patients with the dignity, respect and consideration each person deserves. The hospital promotes the following patient "Bill of Rights" adopted by the American Hospital Association and the patient rights "Conditions of Participation" adopted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

You have the right to:

Access to Care:  You have the right to care when medically indicated regardless of your race, creed, sex, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or source of payment.  Minors have the right to care and education that is appropriate to their age and development.

Respectful Care: You have the right to consideration for your personal dignity, values or beliefs, and contribute to a positive self-image. You have the right to be free from mental, physical, and sexual retaliation from anyone.

Privacy and Confidentiality: You have the right to personal privacy during the course of your treatment, and assurance that your medical records and discussions or decisions about your care will be kept confidential.

Informed Decisions: You have the right to receive clear and understandable information about your care, treatment, or services from your physician involving the Informed Consent process; which is your right to know the risks, benefits, side effects, potential problems, and alternatives of the proposed care, including unanticipated outcomes. In an emergency, the Informed Consent process does not apply.

Participate in Plan of Care: You have the right to be involved in decisions and planning about your care, including resolving care dilemmas by requesting a meeting to resolve any ethical issues that may arise.

Exercise Your Rights: You have the right to make informed decisions, or a legally appointed authorized person will make decisions in your behalf, as permitted by law.

Advance Directives: You have the right to express your healthcare wishes by completing a Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order, Organ and Tissue Donor, or Mental Health Declaration.

Identity of Caregiver: You have the right to know the professional status and identity of those involved in your care.

Refusal of Care: You have the right to refuse care or treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal, involving the informed consent process.

Transfer: You have the right to referral or second opinion of another provider of healthcare services at your request or expense, without jeopardizing your care. If transferred, information should be explained prior to transfer.

Access Medical Records: You have the right to request to review your personal health information.

Release of Records: You have the right that personal health information will not be released to anyone without your consent, except when required by law or a third party payer contract.

Pain Management: You have the right to have your pain assessed, evaluated and treated.

Research and Training: You have the right to participate in clinical trials, research, or educational programs. If you refuse, you are entitled to the most effective care.

Communication/Visitors: You have the right to effective communication with family and visitors, expressed verbally or in writing, unless restricted or limited due to your medical condition or at your request.

Special Needs: You have the right to an interpreter when you do not speak or understand English, or if you are deaf, at no cost to you. You have the right to considerations to your special religious or cultural requests and practices or to request assistance with any special needs such as vision or hearing impairment.

Safe and Secure Environment: You have the right to a safe, private and clean environment in the hospital, and assistance in accessing protective and advocacy services as needed.

Discharge Instructions: You have the right to information from your physician about your follow-up care when you are discharged from the hospital. This information will be given to you in writing.

Hospital Policies and Rules: You have the right to information about your rights and hospital rules and procedures affecting your care and conduct. These may include the no-smoking, consent to filming and recording, and safety or visitor policies.

Charges for Treatment: You have the right to know the estimated cost of your treatment choices or payment options. If you have questions about your hospital bill, you can contact Patient Accounts for an explanation.

Complaint or Concern:

You have the right to express a complaint or file a formal grievance. You are entitled to information about Joint Township District Memorial Hospital’s mechanism for initiation, review and resolution of complaints.

A patient experience coordinator is available to answer any questions or concerns regarding your care or service received at our organization. We strive to create a satisfactory experience for all of our patients; however, JTDMH encourages you to share any issues you may have with our staff. If we were unable to resolve your concerns this way, and/or if you prefer, you may contact the patient experience coordinator at 419-394-3335, ext. 2102. The patient experience coordinator will speak with you about your concern or complaint, and serve as an advocate to help communicate with individuals to address any issues and provide resolution. As a patient you also have the right to contact an outside agency to discuss your concerns with our facility.

Ohio Department of Health
246 High Street – Columbus OH 43216-0118
1-800-342-0553 or 1-614-466-3543

DNV Healthcare
Attn: Hospital Compliant
400 Techne Centre Dr. – Suite 100 – Milford OH 45150

Patients, family members and other concerned parties may use a new web form a to submit complaints directly to DNV GL – Healthcare. Complaints may also be submitted by email: or fax 1-513-947-1250.

If you have questions regarding Medicare Coverage and your rights, you may contact :

Medical Quality Improvement Organization, Ohio KEPRO
5201 West Kennedy Blvd – Suite 900 – Tampa, FL 33609
Fax: 844-834-7130
Email –

Grand Lake Health System
200 St. Clair Street, St. Marys,
Ohio 45885-2400
| 1-419-394-3335 | 1-877-564-6897