Outpatient Services At Your Convenience

The Outpatient Center at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital gives patients access to a wide range of outpatient healthcare services and specialty care providers in one convenient location. 

The Outpatient Center is divided into two areas both conveniently located in the front of the hospital for easy access: one that houses specialty physician practices and another that is home to infusion services. This divided layout ensures patient privacy and quality of care while optimizing convenience.

Specialty Physicians

Physicians rent space in the Outpatient Center to provide convenient, consultative medical care to their patients. Physician practices cover a wide array of specialty areas ranging from cardiology, plastic surgery / dermatology, nephrology, and audiology.

Infusion Services

The infusion area provides a professional outpatient setting for your healthcare needs. Infusion services include:

  • Infusion therapy
  • Injections
  • Central venous access blood draws
  • Remicade infusions
  • Reclast infusions
  • Venofer infusions
  • IV Solu-Medrol infusions
  • Antibiotic infusion therapy
  • Minor procedures


Outpatient Registration

Beginning 3/7/2020, Outpatient Registration Saturday hours will be 6A-12P (previously 6A-2P).

After hours procedures will remain the same, patients will be registered by ER Registration.

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