Stroke Support Group

Our Mission is to provide support to stroke survivors, family, and friends with education, resources, and friendship. To expand knowledge that will nurture a positive outcome of both a physical and emotional nature, and to make long lasting friendships that are supportive of those with similar situations. To promote lifestyle changes that reduce the risk for strokes and to promote a healthy, meaningful life.


  • To promote a wellness orientation to rehabilitation that goes along with the standard cognitive and physical goals established by the acute rehabilitation interdisciplinary team.
  • To encourage survivors and their families to focus on their internal resources and establish realistic expectations for self-care.
  • To provide stroke survivors and families with a supportive environment that encourages healthy acceptance of a new and changed realistic goal setting for the future.
  • To clarify misconceptions about strokes, answer questions, and provide professional guidance in identifying appropriate resources.
  • To provide an opportunity to share feelings, experiences and coping strategies with others in a similar situation as a way of assigning meaning to life after stroke.
  • To provide a simple, uniform format for meetings that can be adapted in all types of community settings.
  • To provide a balanced mix of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation that fosters adaptation and growth.

Speaker Series

Knowledge gives you the power to make decisions, to improve you or your loved one’s quality of life, to renew your inner strength with coping strategies, to have healthier living, to reconnect with society and trust in yourself to overcome limitations.

Several times a year we will have a speaker that will focus on related topics such as:

  • types of strokes
  • prevention
  • nutrition
  • well being
  • exercise
  • obesity prevention
  • tobacco cessation
  • rehabilitation
  • living a healthy life style
  • depression

Stroke Support Group Meetings

Joint Township District Memorial Hospital offers a Stroke Support Group on a quarterly basis, at Joint Township Hospital. This group will be helping patients, families, and caregivers to understand multiple components of strokes such as: prevention, nutrition, physical/emotional effects, rehab needs, wellness, depression, and motivation.

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