Diabetic Support Group

Our mission is to provide support to individuals living with diabetes and their families through education and friendship that empowers individuals to take control of their diabetes and enjoy a high quality of life.


  1. To provide relevant education to help individuals manage their diabetes effectively
  2. To delay or prevent complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes
  3. To provide a supportive environment where people with diabetes feel welcome and receive support from others
  4. To provide individuals an opportunity to share their experiences and coping strategies with others who have diabetes
  5. To increase public awareness about diabetes

Location:  Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in Conference Rooms 1 and 2

Schedule for 2018:

  • November:  12th at 7pm and 13th at 10am

2019 Schedule

  • March:  11th at 7pm and 12th at 10am
  • April:  8th at 7pm and 9th at 10am
  • May:  13th at 7pm and 14th at 10am
  • June:  10th at 7pm and 11th at 10am
  • August:  12th at 7pm and 13th at 10am
  • September:  9th at 7pm and 10th at 10am
  • October:  14th at 7pm and 15th at 10am
  • November:  11th at 7pm and 12th at 10am

Meetings are free and open to anyone interested in attending (no need to pre-register).
Facilitator:  Krissy Mullenhour RN, BSN, CDE-Diabetes Education Coordinator at JTDMH
Topics:  Vary each month and are announced in local newspapers and media prior to each monthly meeting.

Visit our Diabetes Education page for additional information.

For more information, please contact:
Krissy Mullenhour RN, BSN, CDE
419-394-3387 Extension 2147





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