Healthcare That Revolves Around You

We are the first in the region to adopt the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) — a patient-focused model of healthcare delivery that puts you and your doctor in control of your health and wellness. This means we’re more than just the people you turn to when you’re sick. We are your partners for a lifetime of healthcare services that keep you well. From newborn babies to great-grandparents, we’re using technology, a proactive approach, and person-first medicine to make healthcare — and your life — better.

To learn more about all the ways that Patient-Centered Medical Home at your Grand Lake Health System can help you and your family enjoy healthier lives, take a moment to look at our handy PCMH infographic, view our video, or download a PDF of our brochure. You can also ask your Grand Lake primary care doctor or support team about our PCMH model of care and what it means to you.

Grand Lake Health System PCMH Highlights

  • Healthcare that revolves around you. 
  • One support team for all of your healthcare needs. 
  • You and your doctor are always on the same page.
  • Access your medical records anytime and from any place.
  • Stay in the loop of your aging parent’s healthcare.

Our PCMH Practices and Physicians

Grand Lake Primary Care at St. Marys

Wapakoneta Primary Care

Miami & Erie Family Practice & Pediatrics in Minster

Grand Lake Family Practice & Pediatrics at the Celina Medical Center

Grand Lake Pediatrics

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