Sleep Problems: Staying Asleep (Part 2)

If you fall asleep without problems, but have difficulty staying asleep, here are a few things to consider before asking for a prescription.

  1. What’s my diet? As mentioned in Part I, caffeine can give you problems falling asleep, but it can also cause you to wake frequently. Fluid intake in the evening can cause you to wake to use the bathroom, so take fluid in moderation.
  2. Do I wake to go to the bathroom? Nighttime urination can cause a lot of sleep disruption and can be caused by a number of problems such as too much fluid intake, urinary bladder problems, uncontrolled diabetes, and even heart disease.

Do I snore or cough (or does my spouse say I stop breathing)? This can be anything from allergies to gastric reflux to sleep apnea. Snoring traditionally has been looked at as a nuisance, but it can indicate more serious medical problems. Check it out.

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