Screening Mammograms Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Screening mammograms in Ohio are x-ray exams of the breast conducted on women who have no symptoms. Screening mammograms are capable of detecting breast cancer at early stages, before it grows large enough to be detected by a woman through a breast self-exam or by a doctor.

By detecting breast cancer at early stage, screening mammograms offered in Ohio increase the chances for successful treatment.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends women age 40 and over have a screening mammogram every year, and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. Screening mammograms are conducted as part of a routine exam. From year to year, a woman's doctor compares the mammogram images to look for changes or abnormalities in the breast tissue.

When an abnormality is found through a screening mammogram, the woman's doctor will have her get a diagnostic mammogram.

Screening mammograms detect most breast cancers but do miss some. Regardless of these limitations, screening mammograms are still considered to be the best tool available for detecting breast cancer and helping prevent the suffering and death associated with breast cancer.

The ACS states that women can continue getting annual screening mammograms as long as they are in good health and could safely undergo treatment for breast cancer should it be detected.

In most cases, screening mammograms involve two x-ray views of each breast. More may be required for some patients.

A growing number of screening mammograms today are being done with digital mammography units that produce electronic images, which can be viewed on a computer screen. The new digital mammography technology is replacing units that record the x-ray images on film.

Digital screening mammograms offer a variety of advantages over film mammography. For example:

  • Digital images can be viewed immediately, allowing technologists to make sure a quality image has been produced. Film mammograms cannot be viewed until the film is developed, and on occasion patients must be called back if the image is not good enough to be read by the physician.
  • Digital mammography units operate quickly, reducing the exam time.
  • Digital images can be manipulated electronically to help the physician detect abnormalities.

The Women's Imaging Center at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital is equipped with digital mammography equipment, offering State of the Art technology to all patients receiving mammography exams. Along with digital mammograms, other services include:

  • Computer Aided Detection
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Stereotactic and Ultrasound guided breast biopsies
  • Molecular Breast Imaging
  • Coordinated care and expanded evening and Saturday hours.

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