Fashion & Medicine

My wife was window-shopping the other day when she pointed out a dress in the window of a very fancy store. The dress was several hundred dollars but there were no hems, the material was just cut and frayed. My wife was sure she would have failed Home Economics had she submitted such a poorly constructed project. In fact, she figured her teacher would encourage another course of study altogether! What was totally unacceptable before is now high fashion chic.

I couldn’t help thinking medicine is a bit like that.

Eggs are evil – no they’re not!

Avoid the sun. It will give you skin cancer – oh wait, you need sunlight to decrease your risk of colon cancer!

Every menopausal woman would benefit from estrogen. Uh-oh, estrogen can increase your risk for heart attack and stroke.

My advice: Buy clothes with hems and take medical advice with a grain of salt. (Is salt still bad?)

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