Ultrasound Amniocentesis

An amniocentesis is a test in which amniotic fluid is withdrawn from around the baby. There are two reasons that your OB/GYN doctor may do this test:

  • To determine lung maturity of the fetus for a possible impending delivery.
  • For chromosomal analysis.

The Procedure:

You will be lying on your back for the exam. The ultrasound technologist will scan your abdomen to locate the pockets of amniotic fluid for the doctor. The doctor will select a pocket of fluid to draw a sample. A small thin needle will be inserted into the fluid, and a fluid sample will be removed and sent for testing. The needle will be removed and you will be sent to the OB department for one hour of observation. (The initial stick may be uncomfortable but the test is very tolerable).

Procedure time: 60 minutes

Patient Preparation Instructions

  • You may have a light meal up to one hour before the test.

To better assist us with your treatment, we are asking that you bring a list of your current medications and doses. This information is very valuable and will help us to provide you with the best, most timely service possible.

For Your Information:

  1. Your OB/GYN doctor will be performing the test in the Ultrasound Department.
  2. Please be here 30 minutes before your scheduled test so you can have a no charge limited obstetrical scan before your test.
  3. You will be asked to change into a hospital gown.
  4. Your doctor will give the results to you. Feel free to ask your doctor any questions.

If you have any questions regarding the test, please call 419-394-3335 ext. 3550 for assistance.

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