Breast Needle Localization

A breast needle localization is an exam done to locate the abnormal area in question. The first part of the test can be done under ultrasound, mammography, or a combination of both.
The Radiologist (x-ray doctor) will look at your films and determine which modality will be used for your test. You will be sent to surgery following the needle localization.

Breast Needle Localization Procedure

The Radiologist (x-ray doctor) will insert a needle in the breast, into the area in question. Ultrasound/Mammography images will be taken to confirm needle placement. The needle will be exchanged for a wire, which will be taped to the skin. The wire will locate the area for the surgeon during surgery.
Procedure time: 1- 1½ hours.

Patient Preparation

  • Follow the prep given to you by Ambulatory Surgery.
  • If you did not have your diagnosing mammogram at JTDMH, please have those films sent, or bring them to the Medical Imaging Department as soon as possible so the Medical Imaging staff can review your films.
  • You will be asked to change into a gown. An IV will be started.
  • Please inform the Medical Imaging staff if there is any chance of pregnancy.
  • If you have any questions, please call 419-394-3335 ext. 3550 for assistance.

The Best Protection Is Early Detection



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