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Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

We have provided these five categories of sleep quizzes (below) to assist you in understanding if you have a sleep disorder. Begin by checking the box to any of the statements that apply to you. Automatically, an online form will pop up in each of the five quiz categories. Fill out and submit the short form, and you will be connected directly to Grand Lake Sleep Center. One of our Sleep Center professionals will contact you.

Sleep Apnea

I've been told that I frequently stop breathing when I sleep.

My snoring is so loud people tell me they hear it in other rooms.

I awaken with a dry mouth.

I frequently have a morning headache.

Others tell me that my snoring is interrupted by pauses, gasps and snorts.

I have high blood pressure and am on medication.

I sleep well at night, but feel sleepy during the day, especially when driving or at work.

I have sleep attacks even though I fight them.


I see vivid dreamlike images when waking up or falling asleep.

I have suddenly become weak when angered, surprised, scared or saddened.

I have awakened to find that for several seconds I could not move.


I often take 30 minutes or more to fall asleep.

I waken during the night, and have problems falling back asleep.

I wake up earlier than I would like.

Thoughts often race through my mind, preventing me from falling asleep.

I often feel sad or depressed.

I have problems falling asleep during the week, but sleep well during weekends or on vacation.

Periodic Leg Movements

I've been told that my arms jerk, or my legs kick during sleep.

I often get "creepy crawly" feelings in my legs when lying in bed.

I am often awakened by leg cramps or discomfort and have to walk around.


I have frequent bad dreams or nightmares.

I am told that I frequently talk, walk, or grind my teeth during sleep.

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