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Welcome To Our Practice


Grand Lake OB/GYN is dedicated to the care of women of all ages, from adolescence to the senior years. As a woman, your healthcare needs are unique and our team of medical professionals offer women a complete range of healthcare options. Grand Lake OB/GYN is an affiliate of Grand Lake Health System, with three locations in the community to provide women with comprehensive and quality care close to home.


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OB/GYN Services


Grand Lake OB/GYN offers women an extensive range of services, treatments and testing procedures to provide the
highest quality healthcare.

 Services include:

Female urinary incontinence
Well-woman exams
General gynecological care
Prenatal care and delivery
Family planning and contraceptive management
Screenings for cancer and osteoporosis
Infertility evaluation
Midwifery support

Procedures include:

Urodynamic Testing
Tubal ligation and tubal implants
Vaginal prolapse repair
Bladder sling

About Grand Lake OB/GYN

Grand Lake OB/GYN offers women access to a comprehensive staff of medical professionals that includes two OB/GYN physicians, trained in the care of higher-risk pregnancies and many benign gynecologic treatments, and one Nurse Midwife specializing in the general care of women and low risk pregnancies.

Dr. Mitchell Nutt, M.D. is trained in female pelvic floor disease, incontinence and Urodynamic Testing. He also works to treat bladder dysfunction, other forms of pelvic prolapse and a range of women’s health problems.

Dr. David Mitchell, M.D. specializes in treating a wide range of
women's health problems, including pregnancy-related complications,
abnormal uterine bleeding and cervical disease.

Bridget Heckler, Nurse Midwives, is dedicated to
providing a variety of well-woman care and believes in treating patients holistically.

Introducing Urodynamic Testing

The newest addition to the comprehensive services offered by Grand Lake OB/GYN is Urodynamic Testing — a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate the function of the bladder and urethra. Nearly 70 percent of women battle urinary incontinence at some point in their lives, often struggling with recurring bladder infections, slow or weak urinary stream, and incomplete bladder emptying or frequent urination. Urodynamic Testing provides our experienced physician, Dr. Mitchell Nutt, with the information necessary to diagnose and treat bladder problems appropriately. Dr. Nutt is trained in Urodynamic Testing and a wide range of treatments and surgeries for female incontinence.

If you could benefit from Urodynamic Testing...

Please call our central office at 419-394-7314 to schedule an appointment.