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Offering Care For Those With Life Altering Illness

We will strive to improve quality of life for patients and families facing the challenges of life altering conditions. Using education, advocacy and a compassionate approach to care that affirms life and respects the patient's right to self determination, we focus on the reintegration of mind, body and spirit that ensures symptom management and the alleviation of suffering.

acute-palliative-care-servicesThe Acute Palliative Care Consult Service

is committed to providing care for the whole person focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of you and your family. Your care is aimed at helping you live your life to the fullest by:

  • Managing Distressing Symptoms
  • Helping You And Your Family With Difficult Decisions And Choices
  • Supporting Patients and Families
  • Coordination of Community Services

Your Palliative Care Team

has been trained to specialize in Acute Palliative Care, and offers you their expertise in caring for the wants, wishes and needs that may accompany your life altering illness. Members Include:

  • Your Physician who orders an Acute Palliative Care Consultant for you. The palliative care nurses along with the hospital staff nurses work closely with your physician to help you obain your goals for care. Your physician also writes orders for medications or treatment to help relieve pain and symptoms caused by the illness or by the treatment.
  • A Nurse who has special training in symptom management, pain relief and coordination of care in the hospital, at home or in other care settings.
  • A Social Worker who is able to counsel you and your family about interpersonal, emotional, and life style changes that often occur with life altering illness.
  • A Pastoral Counselor to provide spiritual and emotional support to address grief and suffering that can often accompany a chronic illness and end of life issues.

For additional information contact:
419-394-3335, Ext. 2810