Lights, Trees, Tinsel: The Earlier, the Merrier?

Matthew Kidd has battled depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD most of his life.

Things got especially bad in 2013 when Kidd and his wife, Danielle, lost their Pennsylvania home to a fire. It pushed them to move to South Carolina, away from Kidd's family, which made it all worse. When the holidays came around, he felt especially low. "It was seasonal depression. Christmas was coming. Our family was not close by. I didn't have many friends around," says Kidd, 34.

But as they got back on their feet in a new state, they started to go big for the holidays. “Ten to 12 inflatables, angel, Santa Claus, window clings, banners, lots of garland, lots of sparkle,” the couple say as they talk over each other, listing all the items in their inventory. And it made a difference. “We were festive,” he says.

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