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Welcome To The State-Of-The-Art Birthing Center

Our mission has always been to provide high-quality, low-cost, sensitive healthcare for The Grand Lake Region. The Birthing Center moves us another step along that mission. No finer maternity service is available anywhere in West Central Ohio. Our community's commitment to the Birthing Center makes your hometown hospital the unmatched value for birthing care. Come grow your family with us!

Birthing Center PhotosWe want your little ones to start life in the best way possible. We want to help the whole family make the first days healthful and comfortable. Our family-centered maternity care merges an outstanding facility with an expert, caring staff. The Birthing Center at JOINT TOWNSHIP HOSPITAL unsurpassed by any in the region is making special deliveries right here at home.

Listening To Our Patients

baby-galleryAll the comfort, convenience and efficiency you see around you is driven by expectant and birthing mothers. Patient surveys told us how you wanted to bring your babies into the world. This beautifully designed Birthing Center – assisted by community-wide support – is our response.

The entire Center is designed to welcome families, while keeping an expert focus on mother and the newest family member. Instead of birthing occurring in multiple stations with perhaps multiple staffs, everything and everyone is in one comfortable room.

Relaxing décor, carpeted family area, foldout bed for family members, and nearby nourishment center provide comfort and convenience for all. Each room includes TV, DVD and telephone. The DVD doubles for entertainment as well as for education about newborn and infant care.

Mothers can also access the Center’s whirlpool – another direct result of patient surveys.

Designed For Caring

expect-the-bestJoint Township Hospital and Grand Lake Health System take pride in the special care we provide for mothers and newborns.

Many of our maternity nurses are nationally certified in Maternal and Child Care.

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