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Sometimes the biggest "losers" have a winning edge...

There aren't too many times in life where "losing" is rewarded...but losing weight is one of them. Grand Lake Health Challenge 2008 has just concluded, led by Community Outreach at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital. Area teams competed to lose weight through diet and exercise. Although all participants were winners, the following are the ones who lost the most.

Men Name Weight Loss Team
Larry Shelby -30.10% Goal Seekers
Todd Gibson -26.95% Three Roses and a Thorn
Fred Creech -23.02% Flab U Less Four
Kevin Ridenour -22.90% Chubby Hubbys
Jeff Van Horn -22.89% Flab U Less Four
Mike Bauemel -22.40% The Gold Stars
Tommy Knous -20.91% Two Mighty Riders
Aaron Braun -20.44% Adipose Attackers
Mark Gibson -18.19% As a Matter of Fat
Stan Stanford -15.63% Size Does Matter
Women Name Weight Loss Team
Stacy Williams -29.83% Newbie and the Repeats
Dara Moritz -28.07% Three Sisters and an Outlaw
Cindy Scott -24.62% Weight Loss Warriors
Kathy Osterfeld -24.59% Golden Girls and A Guy
Karina Gibson -23.29% As a Matter of Fat
Dawn Lambert -22.32% Three Sisters and an Outlaw
Tina Gibson -21.96% Three Roses and a Thorn
Jenna Jurosic -21.91% Family Force
Sandy Dieringer -19.31% Double Dippers
Pam Schwer -19.17% Three Sisters and an Outlaw
Teams Weight Loss %
Three Sisters and an Outlaw ---- $1,000 -22.40%
Dawn Lambert, Dara Moritz, Pam Schwer and Amy Glover
Flab U Less Four ---- $500 -18.80%
Jeff Van Horn, Angie Van Horn, Fred Creech and Lisa Creech
Goal Seekers ---- $300 -16.85%
Sherri Lauth, Daryl Lauth, Rhonda Shelby and Larry Shelby
Weight Loss Warriors -16.83%
As A Matter of Fat -16.38%
Three Roses and a Thorn -15.57%
Adipose Attackers -14.94%
Dream Girls -12.91%
Newbie and the Repeats -11.62%
New Beginnings -11.39%
Teams of 4 signed up in January 2008
512 Participants
128 teams
Complete teams finished 43 teams (33%)
Total lbs. lost 5985 lbs.
Final Weigh In 321 participants (63%) finished