We are happy to report that the $4 million project to improve the Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital (JTDMH) is now complete! Started in December of 2012, construction took place throughout 2013 and was finished in February of this year. Our newly updated and expanded ASU is a valuable asset to the community because it allows us to offer more efficient and convenient surgical services to patients undergoing same-day procedures. It also gives us more flexibility to deliver effective pre-op and post-op care to patients staying with us for inpatient surgical procedures. With over 3,500 patients visiting us for surgery each year, this state-of-the-art facility is making a positive impact on many people’s lives.

ASU Project Details
Four-phase, $4 million project
  • Started in December 2012
  • Majority of construction done during 2013
  • Completed in February 2014
24 single-patient rooms (two are bariatric rooms)
  • Rooms provide relaxed, homelike atmosphere
  • Feature advanced cardiac monitors and nurse call system
  • Provide a better, more convenient patient experience by giving patients and their families a private space to stay while at JTDMH
New equipment and spaces include
  • Pneumatic tube system
  • Two endoscopy suites
  • State-of-the-art nurses’ station
  • Medication room
  • Nutrition room
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In 2013, the JTD Hospital Foundation raised over $780,000 to support the mission of the Joint Township District Memorial Hospital (JTDMH) and to safeguard the future of quality healthcare in our community. Our 21st Annual Golf Classic, co-chaired by Linda Vogel and Susan Fantz, was a big success, attracting a large field of friendly competitors and many generous donations. Our hospice gala, organized by Sandy Gerdeman and her committee, featured a fun “Viva Las Vegas” theme and provided a memorable evening that raised awareness and funds for the Grand Lake Hospice program. On top of all that, we awarded several scholarships to area students pursuing careers in nursing and other healthcare-related fields. Thanks to everyone who donated their time, talents, and money to help us secure accessible healthcare in our region for today’s Grand Lake residents and future generations!

2013 Highlights

  • Raised over $780,000 (over $422,000 in new pledges)
  • Distributed over $514,000 for new medical programs, services, and equipment throughout the hospital
  • 21st Annual Golf Classic brought in over $39,000
  • “Viva Las Vegas” event raised more than $40,000 for Grand Lake Hospice
  • Awarded scholarships totaling $8,000 for area students studying nursing and other healthcare-related fields (total awarded to date: over $186,000)
  • Co-Chairs Bernie Schroer and Merrilee Kleinhenz led a campaign that raised over $1.26 million for completion of the new JTDMH Ambulatory Surgery Unit

JTD Hospital Foundation Board

Courtney W. Burton
Alan Davis
Eunice Ernst (Chair)
Susan Fantz
Dick Falkner
Dave Grieshop
Jim Heinrich
Brent Henschen
Merrilee Kleinhenz
Michael McClurg
Robert Leugers
Richard Mosier
Bernie Schroer (Vice Chair)
Carolynn Sidey
Linda Vogel
John Wilding D.O.


Seventh Annual Grand Health Challenge

  • 488 participants (122 teams)
  • 53% completed program
  • Special thanks to our local Grand Health Challenge partners, including the Evening Leader and the Wapakoneta Daily News, the Auglaize-Mercer Counties Family YMCA, the Wapakoneta YMCA, the Coleman Professional Agency, St. Marys Pantry Pride, and Grand Health Challenge Committee and Community Outreach employees

Donate Life Campaign - Huge Success

  • Kicked off in July 2012
  • Partnership between Grand Lake Health System and the Ohio Hospital Association
  • Hospital spokesperson Sondra Bernardi gave numerous presentations to the community
  • In June of 2013, Sondra Bernardi accepted “The Platinum Award” for promotion of Organ Donation at the OHA Convention in Columbus on behalf of Grand Lake Health System

Road to Fitness

  • Added 16 events since the program began in 2010 and have tripled the number of participants
  • Worked in collaboration with local YMCA branches in Auglaize and Mercer counties
  • Participants improved their health and wellness and received participation and raffle prizes


  • Started in 1986, Seniorcise serves seniors 55 years of age and older
  • Held every Tuesday and Thursday from October through May
  • Cindy Gaerke, a certified instructor, facilitates the program in cooperation with Otterbein St. Marys

For Our Children: Make Believe Hospital & School Health Fairs

  • Brought our school health fair to five area schools serving approximately 2,000 students
  • Presentations focused on nutrition, heart health, sun safety, and tobacco and alcohol
  • 800 kindergarten students visited our annual Make Believe Hospital—a popular field trip taken by 11 area schools

Support Groups: Meetings held at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital

  • Parkinson’s disease and Stroke support groups meet monthly
  • In 2013, Linda Dicke (JTDMH) facilitated these groups in collaboration with the Auglaize County Council on Aging
  • Initiated Honoring Angels support group for parents, family, and friends in any stage of their grief since the loss of a baby during pregnancy or after birth during the first year of life. Meets twice a month on Saturday mornings (facilitator: Lindsay Monnier MSW,LSW)
  • Man to Man, for Prostate Cancer Survivors meets on the third Tuesday of every other month. January, March, May, July, September, November. Facilitator: Dick Falkner: 419-629-9950 or

Wellness Programs

  • We provide monthly wellness programs to Agape, Auglaize County Council on Aging, Wagners, Wright State University Lake Campus, Auglaize-Mercer Counties Family YMCA and other organizations throughout the community
  • Annual Health Fairs in Celina (January), and Auglaize-Mercer Counties Family YMCA between Minster and New Bremen (November)
  • Rotary blood screenings in March and April
  • In cooperation with the New Bremen-New Knoxville Rotary Club (offers lab tests at nominal fees)

Drug Take Back Programs

  • Work with the Auglaize County Drug Task Force to provide safe medication/drug disposal for the Grand Lake Region
  • Sponsored seven area Drug Take Back programs in 2013

Speakers Bureau

  • Provided 32 presentations in the community to local service organizations and clubs
  • Provided 14 interviews on radio talk shows

Supersitters Babysitting Training program

  • 6 classes
  • Instructors: Karen Imwalle RN,BSN and Mary Fell RN,BSN

Cancer Preventive Study

  • Working together with The American Cancer Society and other local hospitals
  • Provided an enrollment site for 140 participants
  • The purpose of Cancer Preventative Study-3 is:
    • To track the evolution of changes in obesity, nutrition, activity (and smoking) and their impact on morbidity and mortality
    • To identify new risk factors for cancer due to changes in environment, lifestyles, medications and new technologies
    • To expand our knowledge of cancer risk factors in diverse populations (e.g., race/ethnicity, SES)
    • To improve understanding of cancer biology and etiology
    • To improve risk prediction
    • To have a contemporary national resource in the US as most new large studies are overseas

Initiated Spring Prostate Screening in 2013

  • 91 men in March
  • 143 men in September

Improving the health of our community starts with getting out and connecting with people. That’s why we take an active role in promoting health and wellness with engaging outreach programs that are educational, fun, and effective. In 2013, we provided learning opportunities, special events, and services for Grand Lake residents ranging from young children to seniors. Thanks to everyone who participated in our outreach programs last year!

2013 Community Outreach Programs & Highlights

Seventh Annual Grand Health Challenge Donate Life Campaign - Huge Success Road to Fitness Seniorcise For Our Children: Make Believe Hospital
& School Health Fairs
Support Groups: Meetings held at Joint
Township District Memorial Hospital
Wellness Programs Drug Take Back Programs Speakers Bureau Supersitters Babysitting Training program Cancer Preventive Study Initiated Spring Prostate Screening in 2013

When you or a family member are hurt or sick, you want the best care you can get in the shortest time possible. It makes perfect sense to us. That’s why, in May of 2013, we awarded the physician contract for our Emergency and Urgent Care Centers to TeamHealth. TeamHealth is a national healthcare services company that specializes in improving patient experiences and satisfaction by optimizing the delivery of emergency and urgent care to make it more efficient and effective. We chose to partner with TeamHealth because it has over 30 years of proven experience and because their team shares our values of compassion and patient-first care. Most of all, we brought in TeamHealth to help us help you.

After nearly a year of reshaping how our Emergency and Urgent Care Centers operate, patient and staff satisfaction are steadily climbing and we are better equipped than ever before to meet the challenges of the changing healthcare industry. Please keep the feedback coming… we’re listening!

2013 Highlights

clock-icon star-icon trophy-icon

Kenneth Fox, M.D. is our ED Medical Director
Alexander A. Bobrov, M.D. is a staff ED Physician


Our physician group practices are located all over the region, but they all share the Grand Lake Health System’s dedication to keeping you and your family healthy. Our doctors, nurses, and support teams provide care and comfort when you need it most. They are the friendly faces you look to for encouragement when things get tough and offer trusted advice when you have questions. They hold your hand through every stage of life and always do their best to make sure you get the quality care and service you deserve. They treat you like family because that’s exactly how they would like to be treated.

2013 Physician Group Highlights

  • Dr. David Mitchell joined Grand Lake OB/GYN as a full-time physician
  • Grand Lake OB/GYN expanded services to include hypnobirthing, which uses hypnotherapy to ease fear, tension, and pain during labor
  • Staff midwives are certified hypnobirthing instructors

Practice Information

Miami & Erie Family Practice & Pediatrics in Minster
  • Dr. Robert Gill
  • Dr. Efren Aganon
  • Dr. Shelden Wical

Grand Lake Family Practice and Pediatrics at the Celina Medical Center

  • Cindy de la Rosa, M.D.
  • Peter White, M.D.
  • Brian Fornadel, M.D.

Grand Lake OB/GYN

  • Mitchell Nutt, M.D.
  • David Mitchell, M.D.
  • Debra Newton, C.N.M.
  • Bridget Heckler, C.N.M.
  • Wapakoneta Medical Center, Celina Medical Center

Grand Lake Primary Care at St. Marys

  • Dawn McNaughton, M.D.
  • Michael Josey, M.D.
  • Efren Aganon, M.D., FAAP
  • Nicole Link, C-NP

Wapakoneta Primary Care

  • V.K. Rao Chalasani, M.D.

James Reichert, D.O. General & Bariatric Surgery at Celina Medical Center

  • James Reichert, D.O.

For over 25 years, the doctors of Miami & Erie Family Practice & Pediatrics in Minster have taken care of you and your family. In 2013, the expansion and renovation of their offices continued with a focus on creating a modern, comfortable place where you can get the care you need, more conveniently. The expansion is expected to be completed during the summer of 2014 and will not only provide more space to treat more patients, but will also include the addition of advanced technologies and equipment to make that treatment more efficient and easier to access (as part of the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of healthcare). The practice’s doctors are personally involved in the design of the new spaces, and are overseeing the progress of the project. Everyone at the practice is excited to share the updates with their patients of all ages.

Project Highlights

  • Modern, patient-centric exam rooms
  • Easy-to-use tables and comfortable atmosphere
  • Advanced X-ray and computer imaging capabilities
  • Convenient hospital lab draw services

Practice Physicians


It’s simple: everything we do, we do for you. You are our number one priority. You’re the reason we come to work every day, and why we work hard to provide the very best healthcare in the region. You inspire us to reach higher; to help create a healthier and happier community with caring hands and thoughtful leadership.

Throughout 2014, you will continue to see this “Priority: You” theme around our facilities, on our website, and in our marketing materials. You will also learn how our focus on caring, courtesy, honesty, communication, safety and technology helps us create better experiences for you and your family and adds value to your life in ways both big and small.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our 2013 Community Report, and for making us your preferred choice for healthcare. We look forward to sharing another year’s activities and progress with you again next year. Until then, take care, and never lose sight of what you value most.

Sincerely, Your Grand Lake Health System Team

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What Do You Value Most?


It’s a simple, but profound question.

If you think about what’s truly important to you, the health and well-being of yourself and your family are probably at the top of the list. I know they rank highly on mine. This is why having access to high-quality healthcare is crucial. Knowing that great care is always nearby helps you worry a little bit less and focus more on enjoying the time you get to spend with the people you care about. In short, it improves your quality of life. In 2013, we worked hard to provide you and your family with this special peace of mind and opportunity.

Some of last year’s noteworthy accomplishments include expanding our service capabilities and facilities, significantly reducing emergency room wait times, and continuing our efforts to improve patient experiences. We also made great strides toward creating a healthier community with our outreach and education programs. This community report is filled with details on these and many other factors that made 2013 a memorable year.

Thank you very much for choosing Grand Lake Health System. We promise to keep on doing our best to add value to your life by taking care of what you value most.

Best wishes,
Kevin W. Harlan, President and CEO

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